Salon owner, Hairstylist and Educator, Roger Molina 

Haircolor/Haircut Specialist.

After 20 years in the business, Roger has done most things that you can do in Hair. Fashion, tv, hair shows, education, just about all of it. in 2020 when The C Word struck San Diego, Roger and his partner Ellen Devine decided to open Light and shadow salon. It is a private, two chair suite within the Sola Family and Sola San Diego To get back to the roots of hometown and simple ways. the salon's garden vibe caters to those seeking an open, clean and fresh space. Roger focuses on bespoke haircolor and custom haircuts. 


Roger Molina Is a passionate and motivated Artist and ambassador for Sam Villa. He has been working virtually with Sam and the team to promote education and a good mind set in these strange and important times. As a Facilitator for over a decade at the  New York Redken Exchange, Roger’s teaching style became visual and Clear. visually Speaking to the minds eye and the tactile hand of the students. He is now an independent educator, still working side by side with some of the top in the industry. Roger believes good education is all about good communication, patience and practice. bottom line, everyone's great and with a little Time and practice they will come to believe it.

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