Working on the new website for Light and Shadow Salon

We are still closed by the state of California because of Covid-19. we will hopefully be online  soon and we can't wait to see you all again SOON!

🚨Excited to announce that we'll be launching a new website soon. ( 

For now get your Salon opening updates and purchase product  at Light and Shadow instagram. we carry a ton of Redken, Aiir, Loreal, Fatboy and Doterra oils. if you know what you need just send the name of those products to us and we'll prep the order, reach out and settle payments via Venmo once shipped or delivered.

we are also making wellness kits with Custom Organic therapeutic grade oils, Crystals and Palo Santo.

Light and Shadow are our signature scents

Light(Bright and Uplifting)

Shadow(Rich snd Earthy)

Direct message the Instagram to place an order or check stock or to ask any questions. thanks so much for your continued patience, support and understanding. Cant wait to seee you all soon!

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