I’m a @samvillahair Arteam member  

I’m so super proud to announce that I am an arteam member for Sam villa hair announced March of 2022 we are gearing up for a March photo shoot in Austin with the team and in April!! America’s beauty show(abs) with #samvilla team and many guests. So excited to see you all and be back in the flow of mankind.
It’s been, years. At least 2 probably 3.

I’ll be on with my friend and now co-Arteam counsel Jesse LinaresLindsey Olson, and Twylla Jane

Special congrats to my partner in this world Ellen Devine who is also named Arteam in ‘22. 

Now booking classes for 2022.  

We have some big things coming for next year. We will be announcing some things in just a little while. promise. I will try to be better about sharing events and things. its been a crazy time. planning on documenting some of the classes out on the road, as well as the virtual classes coming this fall.  maybe check out and follow my instagram for as well as getting all the info for classes. @rogermolinahair thanks so much for checking on me:) talk soon